Leewattana Products Co.,Ltd.

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l Company Profile

As a very first designer and producer of plastic electrical equipment, Leewattana Product Co., Ltd. has gained experience in the industry to create high quality products with international standard production line and services for more than 15 years.

Under Leetech a quality product. Cover a wide range of applications. Examples of our products.

Wall Mounted Board
 >>  Wall Mounted Board(BD), Wall Mounted Board(BA)

Waterproof Cabinet and Box
>>  Opaque Cover Wall Mounted Cabinet,Transparent Cover Wall Mounted Cabinet, Waterproof Box,Installing Board

PVC Cable Trunking
>>Telephone Trunking, Curved Trunking,General Trunking, Wireway, Electric Trunking, Wireduct Triangularway, Aircondition Duct, Air Duct connector